About Us

David Buckel founded the company in May of 2012 as a small engineering firm located in Duluth, GA.  After a successful 20 plus year career as an owner and Vice President in another engineering firm that grew from 3 to over 100 employee’s, David understands what it take to be successful.  He believes in providing a work environment where people are respected, trusted, provided challenging projects and given the resources and tools needed, thus instilling a sense of accountability to meet the client’s needs and expectations which in return will lead to long term relationships with our clients.

In 2015 Joshua Cox and Kelly Wagoner joined the firm as partners in BDG.  Together with David and the rest of our company we bring over 100 years of experience in site development. 

We pride ourselves on building relationships with our clients, tenants and partners so that through a collaborative approach we can deliver a project on time and within budget.  We realize that we need to be flexible and pro-active as a company.  Customer satisfaction is critical to our success and we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients.

At BDG, we feel it is a privilege to serve our clients through providing unparalleled engineering services.   We are thankful for our client relationships, partnerships that we do not take for granted.  In addition, we are equally committed to serving the community in which we work.  We do this by creating a culture of servitude, which we believe we are called to do.  We happily donate our time, talent and financial resource to causes that truly make a difference. 

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