At BDG our specialty is in land development.  We believe that partnering with our clients enables us to serve their needs much more effectively. From start to finish, all project elements require knowledgeable, hands on, practical and responsive project managers to help make a vision become reality.  BDG’s experienced staff knows the pitfalls that can accompany a large project and is passionate about providing top quality service on all aspects of your civil engineering project.

Our experience includes projects in the following market sectors:

 Your civil engineering consultant plays a vital role in each of the following distinct project stages:

Concept planning: This is the first stage in every project and one of the most important. Conceptual planning not only provides the first exercise in how to develop your project but also goes more in depth to include the location’s feasibility to support your project.  Due diligence review of zoning ordinances and development codes, conceptual grading, cost estimating, and infrastructure review set the path that every other aspect will follow. 

Entitlements:  Often a project will require navigation of some form of entitlement process in order to secure a project’s zoning approvals.  These can include rezoning, variances, site plan approval, or other approvals which require public hearings.  BDG can drive the process in an effort to secure entitlements for your project.

Engineering:  Preparing documents for construction is the heart and soul of engineeringAttentive communication with all project team members separates our services from others in the industry.  Successful projects involve the civil engineering consultant closely coordinating with the client, architect, and other consultants to develop construction plans and specifications that are constructible and value engineered.

Permitting:  BDG is at the forefront of securing civil permits for construction.  This may include permitting for land disturbance, driveway, and NPDES (stormwater) permits, among others.  We assist in the preparation of necessary applications and file the plans for permit review to begin this process.  Permitting efforts can vary from one municipality to the next, and we work closely with plan examiners to ensure our client’s needs are being met within the context of applicable regulations to secure permits for construction.

Construction:  BDG supports our clients during the construction phase in numerous ways.  These include helping to evaluate contractor bids, assisting in addressing Requests for Information, reviewing of submittals and shop drawings provided by the contractor, performing site inspections at key events as construction progresses, and preparing punch lists for final construction closeout.

We bring valuable experience to help navigate through each of these project stages from large developments to outparcels, additions, and redevelopments.  BDG’s services include the following:

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